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ETFs стран Латинской Америки

List of Latin America ETFs

  • BONO - Market Vectors LatAm Aggregate Bond ETF
  • EEML - iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America
  • FLN - First Trust Latin America AlphaDex
  • GML - SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America
  • ILF - iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index
  • LATM - Market Vectors Latin America Small-Cap Index ETF
  • LBJ - Direxion Daily Latin America Bull 3x Shares
  • LHB - Direxion Daily Latin America 3x Bear Shares ETF
  • VLAT - Direxion S&P Latin America 40 RC Volatility Response Shares

As you can see there are a few variations of Latin American Funds for your portfolio.

However, if you want to drill down and have a more focused strategy that focuses on a specific country in the region, then the next set of funds might be worth a look. Here are list of ETFs broken down by specific countries in Latin America that are currently available on the market …

List of Argentina ETFs

  • ARGT - Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF

List of Brazil ETFs

  • BRAQ - Global X Brazil Consumer ETF
  • BRAZ - Global X Brazil Mid Cap ETF
  • BRF - Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap ETF
  • BRZS - Direxion Daily Brazil Bear 3X Shares
  • BRZU - Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3X Shares
  • BZF - WisdomTree Dreyfus Brazilian Real
  • BZQ - ProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil
  • DBBR - DBX MSCI Brazil Hedged Equity ETF
  • EWZ - iShares MSCI Brazil Index
  • EWZS - iShares MSCI Brazil Small Cap Index
  • FBZ - First Trust Brazil AlphaDex
  • UBR - ProShares Ultra MSCI Brazil

List of Chile ETFs

  • ECH - iShares MSCI Chile Investable Market Index

List of Colombia ETFs

  • COLX - Market Vectors Colombia ETF
  • GXG - Global X FTSE Colombia 20 ETF

List of Mexico ETFs

All the stocks in the funds on this list are either located in Mexico or conduct the majority of their business within the country. The only exception is the Mexican Peso ETF, which focuses on currency instead. And as you will see, you have some inverse and leveraged ETF options as well…

  • EWW - iShares MSCI Mexico Investable Market Index

This fund from iShares tracks the MSCI Mexico Investable Market Index and includes Mexican companies such as Walmart de Mexico, America Movil SAB, and Fomento Economico Mexica. The top sectors represented in the ETF are Consumer Staples and Discretionary, Telecommunications, and Materials.

  • FXM - CurrencyShares Mexican Peso Trust

This currency ETF from CurrencyShares targets the price of the Mexican Peso, which is the national currency of Mexico and the currency of the accounts of the Bank of Mexico. The Mexican Peso is the 14th-most-traded currency in the world and is traded under the ticker MXN on currency exchanges.

  • MEXS - Global X Mexico Small-Cap ETF

Before its closing at the end of 2011, this fund tracked the Solactive Mexico Small-Cap Index. Unfortunately due to lack of interest, the funds has been delisted.

  • SMK - ProShares UltraShort MSCI Mexico

This fund tracks the MSCI Mexico Investable Market Index, but seeks a 2x leveraged return as well as an inverse performance to the underlying index. So as the index rises or falls on a daily basis, SMK moves in the opposite direction and seeks twice the return.

In order to accomplish its investing goals, the fund uses derivatives such as swaps as well as some cash assets. But some of the holdings in the underlying index are Grupo Mexico, Grupo Elektra, and America Movil. The sectors represented are Consumer Staples and Discretionary, Telecommunications, Materials, Financials, Industrials and Healthcare.

  • UMX - ProShares Ultra MSCI Mexico

UMX has all of the same characteristics as its partner-in-crime, SMK, the only difference being that UMX is not an inverse ETF. So SMK and UMX movie in opposite directions, but both seek a 2x leveraged return on the MSCI Mexico Investable Market Index.

List of Peru ETFs

  • EPU - iShares MSCI All Peru Capped Index

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